Perfectly Pleasant Pants

The hot desert sun beats down upon earth’s face, whispering sweet nothings through a hot wind. As each weary traveler pulls themselves across the hot sand, utter thankfulness pulses through their hearts as they trudge under the sun’s rays. What causes this thankfulness? Is it the sense of  company while in misery? Or perhaps the hope that their trip across the dunes will soon come to an end? No, it is the simplest of things that brings relief to their weary bones.

Pillowing airy pants paired with light tops help to shield them from the heat, all while allowing air to cool the sweat upon the body. Not only do the glorious colors of the pants boost the spirits of each traveler, but they also become beacons in the sea of sand. While the journey is long, the end reward is sweet. Blooming flowers in the barren land bring light and color to a weary heart.

While people don’t necessarily trek across the desert on a daily basis, they do appreciate airy cool clothing in the heat of summer. This is the reason why I love Harem Pants so much. These gorgeous pants are made of quality material that keeps my legs cool and comfortable. They are my favorite clothing piece for any activity, whether that is yoga around the house or heading out to buy groceries. If you have never tried harem pants before I encourage you to do so. With an elastic waistband, loose fabric draping the legs, and slightly cuffed ankles, these pants are extremely comfortable and the patterns can be used to either dress up an outfit or remain completely casual. Whether or not you are trekking across the desert or simply lounging around your home, harem pants will definitely make the experience more enjoyable!


By- Lyndsie Harris (Brown)


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