The Possibilities are Endless

Open.  This word can mean a plethora of things, many of which are often inviting and exciting. However, having just recently graduated college, the word open is rather intimidating. Having so many different possibilities rising before me makes me wonder just how ready I am for the “real world”. Everyone I talk to about adult life after college says things like, “Oh, it only gets harder from here” and “Get ready for the real thing to hit you fast”, which causes me to  wonder; am I going to fail at this next step in my life? Am I lacking in the ability to succeed after school?

Sure, there are lots of things that I haven’t really prepared for, such as working a full time job without the promise of school breaks gleaming just past the horizon, and managing multiple bills on my own. But, despite this I feel as though I am ready for the next big thing; for the “real” thing as it were. Perhaps stating this means that I am naive and ignorant in my youth, but I believe that positivism is an old trait that can be used by all. To be open in a positive respect is to be receptive to all of the wonderful things that are waiting just around the corner. There’s a puppy with my name on it, excitedly anticipating when I get that first house and can bring it home to receive lots of love. Picking that first house and getting to chose where I will be staying for the next few years, knowing that I can call that place mine. Entering a job where I will finally discover skills that will allow me to help others and support myself out in the big world.

When I look at all of these exciting events, instead of concentrating on how I have now arrived at the real world where bills and responsibilities are waiting to overwhelm me, I can stave off the negative feelings towards the word open and  focus on the wonderful possibilities that lay before me. Yes, I am nervous and of course there will be difficult moments that will need to be overcome. However, a new adventure full of love and excitement is ready for me, and I am open to it.

By- Lyndsie Brown 




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