The Daily Prompt- Phase


A child stands on pointed toes,

wide eyes straining o’re the edge

to stare in awe

while soft melody flows.

Copper strings stretched tight

within the warm mahogany,

play melodies loud and clear

to bring young heart’s delight.


Years slip by with tuneless weight

and the keys they sit, untouched.

Dust sets in on wooded face

without a maestro to create.

Tired eyes glimpse each copper string

yet, there is no time to play,

the magic which once fueled such joy

now cause memories that sting.


The piano waits.


One fall day as leaves drop slow

from trees who’ve withstood time,

wrinkled hands will dust the keys.

Bright mahogany again will show

as music delights once more.

Thus the phase of life will end

within the company of a dear, old friend.


By- Lyndsie Brown 







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