Daily Prompt-Underestimate

Underestimate reality. I don’t mean retreat into yourself and speak only to your shadow in an attempt to escape reality. No, what I mean is underestimate the seriousness of everyday normalities. School, work, stress, loans, bills, poverty, mental illness, heartbreak; all of these components are part of life, but they do not need to be the crucial center to all that we do. Each of these aspects are simply outcomes of the certain ways we as human beings view life; and here, is where my statement of underestimate reality comes into significance.

Take a look at the people of Switzerland. They are reported to be the #1 happiest country in the world. And do you know why? It’s because they say hello to those that they pass on the street, nature greets them in its full glory every day and they take advantage of it, workers actually use their vacation time and get away with their families for rest and relaxation (1). Of course, no place is perfect and everyone has flaws, but the previous examples provide an idea of how to underestimate reality, to let go of all the petty frustrations that we may feel towards others and to enjoy the more beautiful things in life, such as nature and the time that we have with family and friends.

So, underestimate reality. Enjoy the small things and don’t stress over the things that can’t be changed. Whenever we get discouraged about how our plans haven’t come true or depression starts to settle in because of the lull of routine, we need to get up and start changing our point of view! Start to underestimate, and hopefully the clouds of life will begin to show their silver linings a little more clearly.



By- Lyndsie Brown 



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