The sensation was gradual. I barely noticed the minute changes that were budding around me as my heart blossomed in response to his presence. But suddenly, I realized the world looked different. Grass blades, green. The looming sky, blue. The once dingy building bricks of the foundation underlined the sky in a fiery shade of red. The colors bled in slowly, each one filling the irises of my eyes and spreading outwards, creating the true color of the once empty orbs. Hazel warmth in a bleak world. As he glanced at me one last time and my world exploded into a prism of life and color, expelling the depressing black and white of my existence, I knew.

He was the one who would change everything.

By-Lyndsie Brown

Photo- http://www.123rf.com/blog/images/6f_130306034115.jpg


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