Dancing While Walking

Dance with me through the bad times and the good times. Dance with me when we cry. When we laugh. Even if there is no music, continue to dance and hold me close within your arms.

Don’t let go when I stumble, because I will never let go of you. Even when the rhythm melts into one we do not know, everything will be alright.

Keep dancing with me.

One step after the other, lets grow more perfect in our waltz, in our tango. You’re not perfect and neither am I; but we are perfect for each other.

Hold my hand and twirl me, let me shine and I will then return to let you fly into a crescendo of moves that revel the strength you posses. We compliment each other in every way.

When I tire, don’t let me quit; dance with me.

When you become frustrated don’t look away; dance with me.

My heart beat matches the music, matches you. More skilled dancers than I have come before, but none have caught your eye. For some reason you chose me, a ballerina with broken slippers.

Despite flaws and tribulations altering the patterns and the joy of the music, trust will continue to guide the movements of our limbs and the choreography of our steps. There is no doubt in my mind that when you lead me, I will not have to move alone.

So, as we grow stronger against the trials and our love continues strong; dance with me.

Until the darkness grows and the song then fades away; dance with me.

By-Lyndsie Brown 



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