Promises #4

Today I promise to enjoy nature more. There is so much beauty out in the world that people constantly miss because they are hidden behind their electronics. I want to take a moment to put down my phone and step away from my computer to appreciate the vast amazement that one can experience from even a short time out in the wilderness. The world, even while full of catastrophes and struggles, is still a glorious place.


After a camping trip this weekend I realized just how fulfilling a single night out in the wilderness can be. No city lights or sounds, nothing to distract me. Just peaceful quite brought me an amazing rest that has been needed for weeks. The stillness and comforting moonlight lulled me to sleep in my hammock and I truly appreciated the rest I was able to obtain out in God’s nature.

My hope is that by doing a promise such as this each week, I encourage not only myself, but others who may be struggling with the same things. 

By-Lyndsie Brown 


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