Promises #2

Today I promise to take care of my body and to watch the foods I eat in order to make healthier choices for myself. I will work out at least three times a week and make sure that I get plenty of rest so that my body can function at its best. I won’t doubt myself, because I know that I am capable of these things. There is nothing stopping me other than me and I will no longer hand over that power so lightly. No pain, no gain!


Just as a fine-tuned machine needs regular maintenance to ensure everything runs smoothly, the human body also needs regular maintenance. Getting out side, or even just onto some kind of workout equipment is better than sitting down and doing nothing. When you feel unmotivated to finish a task, homework or house work etc, that’s your brain telling you to take a break and get moving! Breaking a sweat can make you feel better and get some endorphins flowing, which will help you feel positive and ready to go once you’re done.

My hope is that by doing a promise such as this each week, I encourage not only myself, but others who may be struggling with the same things.

By-Lyndsie Brown  


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