Promises #1

Today I promise to let myself be happy. Not the type of happy that flits away after visiting for only a short time-no, this happiness will be one that floods my heart and makes the world appear to me in a way that is void of all sadness. Long overdue is this day, when people around me see my face and know that a true smile rests there. I promise this to myself because I deserve it. I have brought myself unnecessary sadness to often and now it is time to accept that I am beautiful, that I too deserve to smile and be happy because of who I am. There is no need to feel lonely with myself, or wish that someone else would come along to distract me, from me. With this promise in my heart, I am ready for the day.


A pianist who approaches the piano knowing that he can play Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 11 in A still knows that even if he misses a note, the whole of the song will remain a masterpiece. Remember that missed notes will occur, and mistakes will be made; not a single person is perfect, yet all are their own masterpiece. You are beautiful despite flaws and  despite your past. Never let yourself forget how amazing you are.

My hope is that by doing a promise such as this each week, I encourage not only myself, but others who may be struggling with the same things. 

Lyndsie Brown 


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