Missing you

 The words “I miss you” are one of a kind.

To miss someone dearly,

that is a sign

that they mean something to you,

your heartbeats entwined.

There’s no need for missing

to be lonely and sad,

love is in missing,

it isn’t all bad.

Picture this scene an image to see,

of a great big ocean,

wild and free.

Two lonely chairs rest on its beach.

Their tale is a short one,

but has something to teach.

Nothing too fancy,

and nothing too long,

but if you look closely

you can tell something’s wrong.

The wood is all withered,

the paint’s chipped away,

and the rain has caused tear trails;

pain a hairbreadths away.

However this image,

while seemingly sad,

hold many great memories;

both the good and the bad.

It was here that we met,

in a summer long past.

And here was the first time our love line was cast.

The sun shown down

on the chairs where we sat,

and that’s why, now,

the paint fades to matte.

After fights,

after anger,

the doubt and the fear,

it was here that I’d sit;

alone with my tears.

No matter how terrible or awful I felt,

I knew you would find me,

cause me to melt;

until everything was once again right in the world,

and our laughter,

like sails in the wind,

was unfurled.

While the chairs may be broken,

battered and scarred,

all that is external;

simply a token

of how life can be

so unbearably hard.

But dreaming and memories

are what makes life worth while.

And so, when I miss you,

I do it with a smile.

By-Lyndsie Brown


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